Matt Santos Photography

Real Estate and Architectural

With 20 years of professional experience, Matt Santos is a passionate photographer with a natural eye for composition. While living in the Washington, DC area, Matt developed an interest in landscape and architectural photography, and employed the Capitol's vast array of notable historical structures and monuments to hone his skill in this genre. In addition, Matt has also traveled to over 20 countries on four continents shooting the architecture, cityscapes, and landscapes of various eras and cultures.

As a graduate of Towson University, Matt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Art and Industrial Design. He has a very strong work ethic and desire to continuously expand his expertise in his craft. Matt has worked for several Event Photography companies over the years, covering everything from weddings to biker rallies. He enjoys collaborating with musicians and artists and has shot several album covers for different bands in the Washington, DC area, as well as in Myrtle Beach, SC, where he has been residing for the last 10 years. Matt has also worked as a Web Developer and Graphic Designer, creating 30-40 page Real Estate publications which also featured his photography.

Matt combined his interest and proficiency in these assorted fields of professional photography, found his niche in the Real Estate world, and decided to focus his efforts entirely on shooting listings for agents, brokers, developers, and builders. His passion intensified, and his aptitude advanced, while shooting oceanfront resorts along South Carolina's scenic coastline.

Matt eagerly joined the VHT team in 2012, and became involved in the Orbitz project. He contributed many high-end photographs of various resorts and other businesses throughout North and South Carolina. Matt is the staff photographer for the Grand Strand New Home Guide, a quarterly Real Estate publication that showcases one of his photographs on each edition's cover. He is also a certified Google photographer, creating virtual tours for businesses who wish to take advantage of the cutting-edge Google See Inside option. Matt is excited to work with new clients every day and regularly travels to locations throughout the Carolinas and beyond.